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VEKA India

VEKA India

VEKA India is part of VEKA AG (which is based in Sendenhorst, Germany, with 19 subsidiaries on 3 continents & representative offices in more than 40 countries across the world,3,500 employees) is the largest international provider and manufacturer of uPVC profile systems for windows, doors.

With its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra,>strong> VEKA India has grown to all India networks of VEKA certified dealers & fabricators network; own warehouse & SAP certified integrated approach from production to after sales service.

Areas of VEKA India Support

1. General
Being based in India for more than 5 years now, with a strong team in place already, we support our customers right from the very beginning. This includes assistance in the following areas:

-- Shop Floor Design Layout & Work flow settings.
-- Selecting the machines. Assistance towards shop set up & commissioning & other related issues.
-- Procurement & Setting of Tools & other accessories.

2. Sales & Technical Orientation
Sales Orientation is imparted to the relevant persons responsible for sales & business promotion activity in your organization. Detailed information is provided on the following:

-- Material (uPVC),
-- Various VEKA Systems / Products available & the working flexibility of these systems,
-- Knowledge of various flexible solutions for the end customers etc.
-- Detailed knowledge of other major accessories like Reinforcement, EPDM Gaskets & Fittings & Hardware.
-- Other items like Glass + Handling & Installation process.

Technical Orientation is to impart the threshold knowledge to the sales guy/s towards prelim FAQ's from the customer's end viz Fabrication Process & activities, Work flow, Related technical issues etc.

3. Fabrication Training
a) Training to Production Engineer:
-- The engineer is fully trained to understand all the Profile Systems & the various combinations.
-- The complete understanding of choosing right profiles, the qty & measurement workings is provided.
-- All technical design calculations pertaining to Wind load, Deflections, Moment of Inertia etc are taught.
-- Training on all type of Quality Checks.
-- Training on Site Installations.
-- Knowledge of various frequent problems & the relevant solutions etc.
-- Working of Software.

b) Training to Shop Workers:
-- Once the Business agreement is signed with us, the complete training for Fabrication process is provided in two stages: In the first stage your shop people – to a max of 4 nos, are trained in our set up in Mumbai for a period of 5 working days.
-- In the second stage, once the fabricator’s factory is commissioned, complete fabrication training is provided to your workers in your set up for 4 working days.
-- After Initial start up fabrication training, a continual support is available on any of the peculiar processes in the future.

4. Handling & Installation of Windows on Sites
A detailed training is provided on handling & installation of windows on site.

5. Software Training & Support
-- Training is provided for working on the relevant Windows working software purchased by the customer – Window maker or KLAES.
-- The fabricator’s engineer is trained on designing & cost estimation of the various modules.
-- The production Engineer is trained on the modules pertaining to the Shop Floor activities.

6. Local Warehouse in Mumbai
In order to simplify the Inventories issue at our customers end, we already have a 2nd, Newer & Bigger, warehouse up & running in Mumbai. This will support our customers with a larger pool of material available readily.

-- So, No Large material stocks at the customers end.
-- No complicated material planning for customer.
-- No involvement in Imports for small quantities etc.
-- Faster local deliveries.

7. VEKA Dealer Network
With our fast growing Dealers network, a much larger market area may be tapped by our Fabricators in their local regional market.

8. VEKA’s Sales Representatives
Apart from the above noted Dealer network, we have our own sales representatives in all Regional Locations where our Fabrication associates are located. VEKA’s own Sales Manager is appointed in every city where a Fabrication Associate starts up. This is to support the associate in all the Sales & Marketing efforts to generate business.

9. VEKA Marketing Campaign
With more than 5 active years in the market, in order to further strengthen the VEKA Brand & awareness in the market - that will directly support our associates in business buildup - a campaign will be kick started very shortly. The same is going to be a multi activity, multi event campaign. The precise details of the same may be discussed with you in detail at an appropriate time in near future.

10. Close Coherent Relation
Last but not least, We at VEKA always believe in very close relation with our all the customers & always believe in a "Close Joint Effort" for the Market / Business built up.