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Lift & Sliding Door

Lift Slide Door


It is widely used in top class building structures, such as bungalows or villas, luxurious or boutique hotels, premium quality condominiums and showrooms, This system is able to satisfy the most stringent requirement in terms of weather tightness, thermal and acoustic insulation thus providing the residents with the highest level of comfort and greatly enhances the inhabitant's living or working environment.

Colours and Patterns

Mahogany Golden Oak Dark Oak Light Oak

 Product Features

main profile wall thichness of > 3 mm is fully complies with europeon standerd , EN 12608. - Class A
The profile are dimensionally stable and offer aptimum stability thanks to special generously designed wall thickness, internal webs and steel reinforcement. A maximum door size of 5000(W)x2600(H) can be built with this system.
Imported hardware tailored made for the lift and slidxing door system allows for easy lifting of the door sash and a smooth sliding aperation.
Hardware is equipped with reliable locking device that can be built with this system.
Unique four buffer saels further enhance weater tightness of this system.
By utilizing additional components to the hardware, lift and slide plus an additional tilt function for the sash is achievable.

Lift & Sliding Door Demonstration Video