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Fold & Slide Door

Fold & Slide Door


Bring the Outside Inside w/ Folding Doors
The VEKA Fold and Slide door system offers contemporary style, effective design and excellent reliability.

Our Fold and Slide door system provides superior operating performance and smooth integration into any architectural style and space. The door systems are engineered using high quality PVC-Window and Door Profiles and superior hinge and locking systems that are reliable and secure.

The rollers along which the doors slide, offer a smooth glide and reliable performance with solid design and expert engineering. Choose from three to seven operating panels in various configurations. The door systems are available in a range of colors including white & ivory, woodgrain laminates, such as mahogany, golden oak, montana, marcore and a variety of other solid colors.

Colours and Patterns

Mahogany Golden Oak Dark Oak Light Oak

Product Features

•Alternative outer frame and sill sizes available
• Thresholds can be standard outer frames or low profile aluminum thresholds
to suit different installations, weather and security performance requirements
• Alternative beads avail. in sloped or sculptured designs
• Glazing beads avail. for different IG-Sizes 3/4” to 1-1/2”
• Ideal in both residential and commercial applications
• Available inswing or outswing opening
• 70mm front to back multi- chambered profiles
• Available in white, bone, clay, wood grain and colored finishes (laminated)
• Standard windows, thermal insulation windows, sliding elements, terrace and balcony doors
• Tilt and turn windows, turn windows, casement windows,parallel tilt and slide door, single or
  multi sash, fixed or combined.
• The design of the running rail at the sill, transfers the weight of the sashes safely to the floor. As a result, safe functioning is provided, independent from the building construction at the head.
• Folding sashes with a maximum with of 900mm and a weight of 80kg are possible.
• Provided with compression gaskets, the units offer a high air and water infiltration performance, as well as optimal heat and sound insulation.
• Stylish appearance due to a flat guide rail and concealed hardware
• Fold and Slide doors can be delivered as inward or outward opening units. Applications for 3 to 7 sash units are  possible.
• Top running and bottom running units can be delivered depending on hardware manufacturer
• Zero-Thresholds are available upon request depending on hardware manufacturer.
 Profile System
• Elegant, slightly rounded edges
• 3-chamber profi le with a basic overall depth of 58mm (2-1/4“)
• Wall thickness 3mm (1/8“)
• Versions: recessed, semi-recessed
• Sight lines 96-132.5 mm (3-3/4“ 5-1/4“)
• Steel-reinforcement according to VEKA guidelines
 Functionality and Usability
 Quality Control
• AAMA PVC profile testing & certification to AAMA 109
• AAMA testing & certification to 101/I.S./A440-05
 Physical Requirements
• Thermal insulation according to NFRC
• Energy Star
• Sound Transmission Control per AAMA 1801-97
 Coefficient of Heat Transition Uw-Value window element depending on glazing
depending on glazing
• Warm edge: up to (U-Value 0.176) (BTU/H*ft2*F) (R-Value 5.7)
• With Aluminum edge: up to (U-Value 0.194)  (BTU/H*ft2*F)  (R-Value 5.2)
Sealing System
• Compression seals in frame and sash all the way around
• Two sealing level with high-quality gaskets
• Standard color: grey, 0ptional black
 Glazing System
• Glazing area 21mm (7/8“) frame/sash
• Thickness of window glass (for frames and sash) combined with standard glazing beads: 6-32 mm (1/4“-1-1/4“)
• All brand hardware, that is approved for quality and function
• Handles can be used individually
• Build-up profiles, extensions, window sill connections, wall connections, couplings, special reinforcing, ventilation, and more

Fold & Slide Door Demonstration Video